Infor PLM for Process (Optiva) – Efficiently executing the complex processes of enterprise manufacturers and distributors

Solving the challenges of product development for process manufacturers – Maximizing the value of R&D

Infor PLM for Process (Optiva®) is specifically designed for food, beverage, chemicals, and life science manufacturers and provides a unified product view of data and processes across organizations. It helps manufacturers easily achieve regulatory and labeling compliance—whether it’s meeting reporting requirements, complying with labeling laws, or supplying ingredient details.

As robust and far-reaching as ERP solutions can be, it’s simply not feasible to think that they can be all-encompassing, providing complete business functionality for every aspect of an organization. The simple truth is that all ERP solutions have gaps in specialized areas such as product lifecycle management (PLM). Successful companies know that it’s best to close these gaps with focused, industry-specific solutions that address the unique aspects of their business.

Process manufacturers such as food, beverage, chemicals, and life science manufacturers need PLM functionality that’s designed specifically for their needs. Which is why Infor PLM for Process (Optiva®) was specially designed for process manufacturers to help them meet their product development challenges.


Collaborative project management

Integrated stage-gate methodology

Project visibility of status via Gantt chart-like views

Complete view of data and processes across the enterprise

Full integration of applications, validations, and workflows—from ideation to obsolescence


Regulatory compliance

Built-in, global regulatory compliance for labels and nutritional declarations

Integrated global formula management—including ingredients and allergens

Rule-based compliance automation


Cost optimization

Optimization of recipes/formulas to help reduce costs

What-if scenarios to evaluate best margin opportunities

Integration capabilities with ERP systems helps provide better insight into costs